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Kristina Welch for Rose Royce NYC denim Lookbook

thelongkissgoodnight said: Good luck and have a blast

Thank you, I definitely will <3

A lot has been going in this past month, I had to give up my rent at my Brooklyn apartment (I miss you Chard and JoJo 😭) I came down south to spend a camping trip with my beloved college friends. Got some amazing homemade meals from my boyfriend 😉, and then all then all the way down to middle-of-no-where Lynchburg to spend some quality time with my parents and doggies.

It’s pretty amazing how many cherished friendships I have formed from each different adventure in my life; and now I am about to start a totally new, exciting, terrifying, and overall, the opportunity of a lifetime!!!

My NYC agency has placed me with The Only Model Management and I’ll be moving to work in Bangkok, Thailand for 3 months!

I fly out in 1 week. I know this will not be all fun and games, Asia is a rough market and I know they don’t necessarily treat their models as well as they do in the U.S… but I know that I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to not only grow as a model but as a person.

Now to figure out what to pack! 😜

Tony Ellis NYC (

Model: Kristina Welch @ Fenton Moon

Anonymous said: What is your favorite body part. On yourself and/or on another person?

I think male and female collar bones are absolutely gorgeous. X

thelongkissgoodnight said: Gorgeous

Thanks! :)

Modeling the Australian line ‘Camilla’ for Coterie.

By: Tony Ellis
Model: Kristina Welch @ Fenton Moon NYC

(Source: Ktinawelch)

dynamicrangephoto said: Would love to see you go back to Richmond and do new shoots with all of the photographers from back in the day! Miss your old style!

Awww 😕 well, I don’t really test shoot anymore, only jobs. I stray away from the ultra sexy stuff because it doesn’t really get you anywhere in the real fashion market.